My top 10 interests according to Live Journal.

  1. cheri huber:
    I collided with the work of Cheri Huber while pillaging a lovers bookcase. (Lovers that read are the best, and it was a diversion from his closet) Her easy to understand Zen perspective put me on a path to heal some of the most severe scarring from my childhood and allowed me to see the very heavy bags that I could finally put down. The best advice she gives is “There is nothing wrong with you.” and “Don’t take anything personally.”
  2. chocolate:
    MMMMMM.. the good stuff. I’ll admit it; I am a chocolate snob. Only the most pure, expensive, dark goodness for me. Don’t come to my door with a dozen roses and a box of Russell Stovers. For me, it is daises from your yard and a small box of Godivas. I am quality. I take the time to notice and make the effort to do things for a person I love that are personal and charming.. and of course I expect nothing but the best in return.
  3. flirting:
    Ah yes.. the dance. I think I am well skilled in the art. There is a finesse that can only be learned through years of mentoring at the feet of Southern Ladies that have forgotten more about men than most women ever knew. Flirting done right doesn’t stop at catching a man’s eye, rather, it compels him to become more than he thought he could, and to be shameless in his enjoyment of it, all the while still thinking that he is leading the dance.
  4. john mayer:
    In this world of ready made, take out style pop music, I love the singer songwriters that are still out there pouring out their hearts and making love to their guitars.
    My favorite line is-
    “I sleep with this new girl, I’m still getting used to . . . She says the bible is all that she reads, prefers that I not use profanity- but your mouth was— so dirty.”
    Yes John.. my mouth is so dirty. (even without profanity)
  5. nirvana:
    Kurt was so very far ahead of his time. He spoke often about the angst and fear that so many of my age group felt. We came of age during a time when the world was changing so fast. We were the casualties of the Free Love generation. They gave birth to us, after the divorce left us to grow up on our own, moms working full time, dads with new wives. As we started to graduate from high school the Iron Curtain fell and the Internet was born. Kurt wrote with the passion of all of us that never believed in Santa or the Tooth Fairy, that are too skeptical and unconvinced.
    “I wish I was like you- Easily Amused.”
  6. sex:
    I like sex. I like it hot and dirty, slow and deep. Sweaty, fast breathing, messy sex. I consider myself to be somewhat of a purist. I don’t like props, I don’t like it solo. I don’t need anything to get me off other than an unselfish partner and a hard cock.
  7. shoe fetish:
    I love shoes. I love wearing them, buying them; even looking at pictures of cute shoes is enough to get me wet. Shoes make me happy. I recently went shopping with a man to get him some shoes. I was just tagging along but was shocked when he picked up a pair just like the ones he was wearing and said “These will work.” I was shocked. I asked him if they made him happy, made him feel handsome or better, and that if they didn’t I wouldn’t mind looking around at a few more stores. He looked at me like I was crazy and said “Really, they are just shoes, They don’t make much of a difference to my happiness” Unbelievable!!
  8. parenting:
    Too much information is already available on this topic, and I feel unqualified or maybe even overqualified to elaborate on it.
  9. tea:
    I grew up on sweet iced tea, still to this day it is my drink of preference. This interest however, was more about tea parties, or going out to tea. It is great fun to dress up nice, white gloves and a pretentious hat and have high tea at an lovely tea house. Of course then give my escort a blowjob in the parking lot after.
  10. thinking:
    Sometimes I think too much
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