What do I need??

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder what it is you need. We all try to get in touch with our needs. I am no different, so I decided, this time, to ask google what I need. It is a fun search, just type your name into Google followed by the word NEEDS and see what come up. Here is what I found out about my own needs.

Melissa needs a very strong, patient adoptive family who will be able to accept that it may take her a long time to come to trust and appreciate them.

Melissa needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead. The only way to reach it is from the school’s rooftop.

After a healthy weight gain of 60 pounds, Melissa needs to get on board with her new body, but would also like to propose to her long-time boyfriend, Dan.

Melissa needs to find a new agent

Melissa Needs Maintenance Manuals!

“Wow that Melissa needs to get over it,”

I don’t think someone like Melissa needs to [be grabby]. She gets whatever she wants. She would never do that.

Melissa needs you in her life lord !

What Melissa needs to do is get some balls and tell Chelsea how she feels, instead of being so fake all the time.

melissa needs to stop spreading rumors about everyone especially when she is the bad mother who used to be a hooker with her mom thats how she became

Melissa needs an honest God-fearing person to get the money so it doesn’t fall into the greedy hands of her late husband’s family.

Melissa needs a man.

Melissa needs to comb her hair and work on bowel problems, she is clearly a decent and honest woman.

This is too funny. So try it out, and please post your top few results as comments!!

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